07 Jun

People cannot survive without eating. You will, therefore, find that when people do not have enough food to eat, they bring so many issues such that the person cannot be as productive as he/.she could have been if he/she had enough food. You need to be educated ion the various ways you can do to make sure your house and your people does not lack food to eat even in dry seasons. It is therefore essential to make sure you have enough time to read this article and learn more on the simple things you need to engage yourself into before saying that there is a food shortage. You need to know how to plant food in the land that you have no matter how it is. In case you live in a dry area, it is your duty to plant foods that will take the minimum time possible to grow and be ready to be harvested since it does not remain dry throughout the year. Afforestation is one way you can do to make sure you plant trees in that area to change its current condition of being dry.  Note that you can get some advice on overcoming a food crisis from Tarl Robinson.

Livestock keeping is also another method of curbing the spread of hunger and food crisis in your area. You can decide to keep animals such as chickens, bees, other animals bearing in mind that you will be able to maintain their upkeep. Alternatively, you can keep bees and harvest honey which you can use to sell to local people and get money for doing other things.  View here for experts advice from Christopher Pair.

It is essential for you to make sure you have enough food when they are in season to enable u to store some and consume during the low season. You do not have to wait and buy the food when there is a crisis since you are likely to buy them a higher price and buy lees food for a lot of money. It is also advisable for you to plant crops in containers and sacks near your home to make sure you have some foods to ea when the crops mature. You can plant crops that do  not have to wait for so long to be harvested and these are crops such as vegetables, onions as well as fruits as they take a very short time to mature hence it is one way to promise food on the food by the end of the day. You need to find out the food you can collect from the garden which you do not have to buy. 

The other way you can do to deal with the food crisis is to plant foods in portion.  Let your land be a source of everything it can grow since you can do so by dividing it into portions that you can manage and grow different types of plants. It is essential if you take care for your land and make it produce as much as it can for you to have enough food to enable curb the spread of food crisis and you can do so by supplying the excess food to the needy people in society.  Read this blog to get more enlightened on this topic: https://www.encyclopedia.com/social-sciences/applied-and-social-sciences-magazines/food-crisis.

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